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Measurement FlexibilityMeasurement options include:• Coriolis, Mag and Turbine for Oil and Water • Orifice Plate and V-Cone for GasCustomizable ControlsControls are available to meet any requirement: • Pneumatic or Electric• Modulating and Open/ClosedLease Segregated MeasurementOur Multi-Pak units provide individual measurement of each phase of production. This allows for accurate allocation of royalties.ConsolidationAutomationMulti-Paks can be integrated with any type of PLC automation. This allows for easy integration into existing SCADA systems to collect data and monitor the operation.Turnkey SolutionsPower Service offers multiple turnkey solutions for oil and gas production, metering, transportation, and refining.10After measurement, each phase is consolidated providing a single hook up for Oil-Gas-Water prior to plumbing to the tanks or pipeline. This dramatically reduces well site installation costs!Each production stream is measured separately before exiting the unit in a common header for eachCLICK HERE for a short 3D demophase.Specifications and Options:• Liquids Flow Rates up to 10,000 bbl/day per vessel • Gas Flow Rates to 12 MMCFD per vessel• Pressure Ratings to 1440 PSIG• Multiple Meter and Control Packages• Multiple Vessel Internal Coating Options• Higher Pressure & Flow Rates Available Upon Request• Integrated Instrument Air Eliminates Methane Emissions for“Quad O” ComplianceMULTI-PAK

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