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PIPELINE FACILITY Power Service’s Modular Pipeline Facility can offer you a level of quality
and productivity that is second to none.
                  For over 60 years, Power Service has been the industry leader in the design, engineering and fabrication of pump and process packages. Our modular mainline facilities are no exception.
By completely integrating pumps, process piping, MCC, PLC programming and monitoring, we can dramatically simplify installation. Our packages also offer substantial cost savings vs. traditional site-built facilities.
Our integrated skid structure and torsional analysis reduces the need for site civil and foundation work. With multiple packaging options, we can customize your facility to any level of redundancy and stand- alone capability that you require.
Whether it’s an open unit with a pump or a large facility featuring multiple series or parallel pumps, we have the designs to fit your needs.
Our state-of-the-art control logic provides us the unique ability to modulate the flow of your facility to meet varying conditions. This technology allows us to provide multiple flow rates into the pipeline.
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