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At Power Service, we build our MCC buildings with convenience and efficiency in mind.
             Our MCC package includes all necessary low and medium voltage components for complete operation of your new facility.
Our team of experienced electrical engineers and programmers will work closely with your team to develop the proper facility control narrative and HMI screen display.
All structural engineering as well as HVAC sizing is performed and supplied to ensure long life for your VFDs and other electrical gear.
Drive Options
We can offer individual drives, drives with sync transfer, and soft start / DOL.
We work closely with your personnel to customize the look and feel of the HMI screens. Our extensive knowledge in control narrative and programing ensures smooth start up and single point responsibility.
Turnkey Solutions
Power Service offers multiple turnkey solutions for oil and gas production, metering, transportation, and refining.
All instrumentation from mainlines and other site equipment is easily integrated into our MCC. Provisions are included for all site-electrical including, mixers, MOVs, ACT, truck unload, lights, heat trace and more.
    Visit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.

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