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LAUNCHERS / RECEIVERSOur launchers / receivers can be built to any specification and size. We offer all types of closures, valves, and instrumentation to meet your requirements.Specifications and Options:• ANSI 150—1500• Multiple Closure Options• Integral Valve and Pig Sig• Fully TestedMETERINGPower Service is the largest manufacturer of LACT and meter skids. Our total-facility- packages include check or custody metering. As always, easy integration into the facility MCC provides a quick start up as well as cost savings.Specifications and Options:• Single and Multi-Parallel• Flow Computers• MOV• Sample SystemsBundlingWith our unique ability to provide all components required in a pipeline facility, we can provide substantial bundling discounts and JIT delivery of key components, reducing unnecessary carrying costs of components and storage!14Visit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.LAUNCHERS, RECEIVERS & METERING

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