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Specifications and Options:• Rates to 3000 SCFM +• Pressures to 300 PSIG +• Anodized Aluminum, Carbon Steel Piping• Available Welded B31.3 Piping Construction• Wind Snow and Seismic Calculations• Lifting Plans, FEA and Torsional Calculations Available• PE-Stamped Buildings and Structural• Steel Frame, Panel and Fiberglass BuildingsModular DesignOur Utility Air packages feature integration that allows the unit to be operated completely unmanned in even the harshest environments.Electrical ClassificationsAll of our facilities are available in either non-classified, C1D2 or C1D1 designs.Packaging for Any ClimateFrom open warm weather skids, to completely enclosed cold weather packages, we have a design to meet any condition.Compressor OptionsWe offer flooded rotary screw, oil-free rotary screw, oil-free rotary tooth, scroll, and piston.Dryer OptionsPower Service offers twin tower regenerative (heatless- heated-blower purge) heat of compression, refrigerated, and deliquescent.AutomationWith the ability to integrate compressor and dryer controls to any DCS or plant system, our packages offer state-of-the-art control and monitoring of multiple facilities from anywhere in the world!Turnkey SolutionsPower Service offers multiple turnkey solutions for oil and gas production, metering, transportation, and refining.16Visit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.UTILITY AIR

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