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19PRODUCED WATERTRANSFERPower Service is unmatched in quality design, engineering and fabrication of Produced Water Transfer Packages.Whether by pipeline or truck, our extensive knowledge of both hydraulics as well as fabrication and automation ensures that your facility will provide unmatched reliability. With multiple pump technologies available, we select our equipment based on the correct fit for your application.Our engineering capabilities and experience in the fabrication of these units provide our customers with the best facilities in the industry.As is the case with all of our skid designs, we can customize your facility to anylevel of redundancy and stand-alone capability that you require. From simple pump packages to fully automated truck unloading facilities, we have a solution to fit your needs.Our state-of-the-art control logic provides the unique ability to modulate the flow of your facility to meet varying conditions. Our experience with the design of truck facilities ensures that your system will be devoid of the traditional issues with these systems.At Power Service, we are building it better.Visit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.WATER TRANSFER

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