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21SOLAR PUMPPSI’S SOLAR PUMP PACKAGEA remote-ready and environmentally friendly solar pump packagePower understands customizability flexibility are impand f rating.ssembled in Class I Div. IIService thatasorrttaanurcustomers. Withteam set out to create a self-contained Solar Pump Package. Not only does this package allow for placement where running electricity is an impossibility, but is also environmentally friendly, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.Our Solar Package features Milton Roy’s innovative Solaroy® Metering Pump and Control system. These packages are turnkeyyoy ir ryyouu iinnccrreeaassee eefffificcifuulllr Sieenlyy aa andpont to ourWe believe ouar Pump Package will helpSoncolcylah tin remote locations as well as assist with environmentally conscious goals.We encourage you to contact us at 800.743.4774 to learn more about how our Solar Pump Package, along with our complete line of products and packages, is the right answer for your operation!t thhiiss iinn mm miinndd,, oo ouurVisit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.SOLAR PUMP

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