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23GUuipment and highly qualified staff make our GasM MGGGGAAAAASSSSSMMMMMEEEEAAAASSSSUURRSR E M E N TSttaattee--ooff--tthhee--aarrtteeqe ea aqus surement Division an industry leader. uPower Service is dedicated to being your ONE STOP SOLUTION for rotating and process equipment. It’s because of this that we began our dedicated Gas Measurement Division.As demand for natural gas increases, it’s important to have gas measurement equipment that is accurate and reliable, not to mention access to a highly trained staff offering quality fabrication and experienced service. Power Service is the leading provider for both.With over 50 years of combined experience in our Gas Measurement Division, Power Service offers customized gas measurement skids as well as off and on-site meter run cleaning, inspection, calibration, analysis, and witnessing.Our Gas Measurement Division uses industry-leading meters and other gas measurement products including Daniel meters, SureShot, and Canalta orifice fittings, and Schneider instrument values, to name a few.We look forward to working with you on your next meter run project. Contact us today at 800.743.4774 for more information about our Gas Measurement Division as well as all of the services we can offer you!Visit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.CLICK HERE for a short 3D demoGAS MEASUREMENT

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