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3LACT UNIT Lease Automatic Custody TransferOur LACT Units provide accurate custody transfer of crude oil. Unmatched in our quality and flexibility, we offer designs to meet any specification.Pipeline IntegrationPower Service can integrate your pipeline pump into your LACT package, simplifying installation and automation of your system.Measurement FlexibilityUnits can include PD or Coriolis meters to meet your criteria.Leading the IndustryWe have manufactured and shipped over 5,000 LACT units worldwide. Our state-of- the-art LACT assembly facility provides us the ability to meet any customer demand for single or multiple unit deliveries.Regardless of complexity or design we can meet and exceed your requirements. Our LACT units are available with multiple pump technologies that are applied based on the best fit rather than a one size fits all solution.Our state-of-the-art automation further simplifies your equipment by controlling the unit and consolidating the operational and measurement data.Visit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.LACT

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