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4Quality AssurancePSI can provide you with a FULL FUNCTION WET F.A.T. Our test facility allows your LACT unit to be completely performance tested and the automation customized prior to arriving at your location. Just another way we are raising the bar in LACT manufacturing and design.Customized ConfigurationsWhether its dual meter runs, cold weather packaging, integrated pipeline pumps or custom automation, Power Service offers unlimited engineered solutions for your custody transfer and measurement needs.AutomationLACT units can be integrated with any type of PLC automation or flow computer and integrated into existing SCADA systems to collect data and monitor the operation.Turnkey SolutionsPower Service offers multiple turnkey solutions for oil and gas production, metering, transportation, and refining.CLICK HERE for a full-length 3D demoCLICK HERE for a short 3D demoSpecifications and Options:• Full API 11N Compliance• 2”- 8” Meters• Flows to 100,000 bbl/day +• Discharge Pressures to 1440 PSIG+• Integrated Pipeline Pump• Truck Loading and Unloading• ACT Skids• Allocation• Multiple Meter RunsLACT

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