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5VAPOR RECOVERY UNITPower Service prides itself on being an innovator and industry leader in the design, and fabrication of Vapor Recovery Units.“Quad O” Compliance!As with all of our offerings, we select the compression technology and automation package based on your conditions of service. By utilizing this approach, we ensure that your Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) will provide trouble-free operation.With our years of experience, we understand the typical pitfalls with vapor recovery. This gives us the knowledge to fabricate a package free of the normal operational and maintenance issues that are common in VRU packages.Our multiple packaging options allow us to customize your facility to any level ofredundancy and stand alone capability that you require.Whether it is an open unit with a small reciprocating compressor, rotary vane, flooded screw or HP combination unit, we have the designs to fit your needs.Our state-of-the-art control logic gives us the unique ability to modulate the flow of your facility to meet varying conditions. This technology allows us to deal with spikes in production, keep the system free of liquids, and prevent lube contamination from hydrates.Visit us today at or call 800.743.4774 for more information.VRU

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